Engage with your customers like you see them

SEE-U is the new way to engage with customers using a simple but powerful unified customer experience platform.

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SEE-U Products

SEE-U integrations

Integration with your favorite apps to make your event management easier, and more coming soon.


SEE-U integrates effortlessly with top CRM solutions like Salesforce. This makes it easier than ever to engage with your customers, and win true loyalty.


SEE-U also integrates with marketing, sales and service software solutions like HubSpot. Making inbound marketing a dream for you and for your customers.

Google Contacts

All of SEE-U’s solutions work with Google Contacts, helping you keep everything just where you need it and automating many tedious interactions.


Our WhatsApp Business integration lets you connect with your guests on the platforms they prefer, making the whole experience easier and more enjoyable.


In the same way, our SEE-U products work with your favourite email platforms to keep you connected with your customers.


Many of our products, such as RSVP, can be integrated with your SMS system. Service varies from country to country.

How SEE-U would benefit your business

Why SEE-U?

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We make many of your business processes automatic, letting you provide the same quality of service (or better) without adding more staff or devoting more resources.

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We help you build up the kind of extensive, detailed and up-to-the-minute accurate customer data you need to gain real benefits from modern analytics programs. Add to that the reams of customer feedback data you’ll be getting, and you’ll have deeper insight than ever into what makes your customers tick!

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We can help you turn that wealth of raw data into the kind of meaningful insights that inform decisions, drive innovation and really help you connect with your customers. Data isn’t valuable until you put it to work, and we help you do that more efficiently.

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