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SEE-U’s line of safe, secure and completely cloud-based software products are ready to change the way you do business! Our products and services are highly customisable, and can be moulded around your core processes whilst taking annoyances and wasted steps out of the system.

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Do you need a virtual assistant to send invitations and manage responses for you?

Imagine generating a guest list, making sure all of their contact and vital information is up to date and accurate, sending out hundreds – even thousands of invitations, and then scheduling follow-ups for any who don’t respond in as little as 5 minutes.

RSVP moves all of your invitation and guest response activity to one simple control panel, and then automates the entire process. What once took all day is reduced to a few clicks.


Gain more meaningful insight from your next Survey campaign!

Gaining a deep understanding of how your current and potential customers will react to your upcoming products, services or events is critical. A mature and effective Survey workflow product – like Expression of Interest by SEE-U – can help you decide which projects to put forward, as well as just what changes might be necessary to make them truly successful.

Expression of Interest lets you manage the entirety of your next Survey project with just a few clicks. Not only can it generate basic EO documentation automatically – and submit them to you to edit or customise – it can send the documents out in bespoke batches and track responses automatically.

Expression of interest is platform-neutral. It will happily contact your customers and clients via email, via SMS (where available*), or via apps like WhatsApp. We’re adding more channel integrations all the time, as well!



Get back in control of your schedule!

Appointment by SEE-U lets you manage your calendar with ease, and automates many of your most time-consuming tasks. It can help your customers, clients and business partners book appointments with you, and give them the user experience they demand along the way.

Not only will Appointments showcase available time slots, it will handle cancelling and rescheduling of appointments automatically. Finally, it will keep all of the relevant data for your customers and projects at hand for the meeting itself.


Are you ready to automate your entire reservations system, in style?

SEE-U’s Reservation lets you see all of your reservation requests in one place, no matter what platform or platforms you customers prefer to use. It can run fully on automatic, assigning them tables and notifying your staff instantly.

Reservation can even handle cancellations, no-shows and late customers, get people into the tables as soon as they are ready, and even follow up with missed reservations to reschedule their visit. Reservations can also be linked to our RSVP product by sending an invitation to friends or inviting them to an existing reservation. In addition, this synergises with our Waiting List product (see below). The combination allows you to manage both walk-in customers and those who book in advance on the same platform.

Best of all, reservation optimises the process intelligently, making everything more efficient.

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Waiting List

Perhaps you need to improve walk-in customer experience and reduce wait times?

Waiting List takes the work and discomfort out of waiting for a seat. The customer simply scans the QR code on your signage to enter a virtual queue. They’ll be constantly updated with the estimated wait time, and be alerted the instant a place is ready for them. No more waiting in actual queues!

Better still, of a customer misses their call, Waiting List will move rapidly on to notify the next in the queue as well as giving the missed customer a chance to re-enter the queue.


Ready to improve your sales with a better customer referral and loyalty program?

SEE-U’s Referral product lets your customers experience the rewarding interactions they need, and helps get the word out about your organisation at the same time. Levrage your customers’ social influence by making it easier for them to refer friends and family to you, then give them the rewards and recognition they deserve for helping you out.

Referral makes it easy to set up automated referral and reward programmes, improving customer engagement, bringing in new business, measuring customer satisfaction and providing important data-driven insights into your customer base.

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