Contact your
events’ attendees
and get their data

Engage with your customers, clients, co-workers and partner businesses by sending out original and engaging invitations over any or all of the channels your recipients already use.

rsvp pic
rsvp pic

Need to reach out to your customers and clients on a regular or one-off basis?

Automate the process and improve customer response with RSVP!
Reaching out to each customer individually is both time consuming and generally a poor use of limited resources. Yet, form letters and emails often fail to get the kind of engagement you really need to compete in today’s business environment. RSVP is the sweet-spot where fast, efficient automation meets custom-crafted, individualised customer and client outreach.

Do your campaign
and we will handle analysis

Customers and clients what to feel special. They want to feel valued and appreciated. They respond best to a particular level of user experience which has been very difficult to automate – until now. The new RSVP product from See-U is set to change everything for you.

rsvp pic
rsvp pic

Your new virtual assistant is ready to send invitations on your behalf and completely manage the responses!

Imagine generating a guest list, making sure all of their contact and vital information is up to date and accurate, sending out hundreds – even thousands of invitations, and then scheduling follow-ups for any who don’t respond in as little as 5 minutes.
RSVP moves all of your invitation and guest response activity to one simple control panel, and then automates the entire process. What once took all day is reduced to a few clicks.

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