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appointment pic

Appointment gives you total control of your schedule!

See-U’s revolutionary Appointment product began as a way to let your customers, colleagues and clients book appointments with you – but that’s hardly new. We knew it had the potential to be so much more – to make maintaining your own calendar easier, to let people make, cancel and reschedule appointments with you as easily as if you had a 24-hour secretarial team, and to give both you and your clients the user experience you all deserve.
In its mature form, Appointment gives you unprecedented control over your calendar, automates many of the most time-consuming appointment-keeping tasks. It even makes sure you have up to date information on the people you are seeing and the tasks or projects you’ll be discussing.

Appointment is like having a secretary in your pocket

Let us be clear. Appointment by See-U is no mere clone of Google Calendar or anything else on the market. Appointment is a game changer.
Yes, Appointment has all the basic features you’d expect. It will showcase available time slots for anyone seeking to schedule a meeting. It les them cancel or reschedule appointments easily. It even prompts you or the people you are meeting to reschedule when you or they cancel an appointment.
But it doesn’t stop there.

appointment pic
appointment pic

Appointment makes sure you are fully briefed when your client arrives!

You read that right. Appointment will keep all of the relevant data for your customers and projects easily accessible** for you to prep, and during the meeting itself. It is a part of the See-U family of business products, and comes out of the box fully integrated with all of our other offerings.
That means you’ll have all of the business intelligence, data, figures and other information you may need at your fingertips both before and throughout your meeting. Productivity has never been easier.
Better still, it only takes a few clicks to integrate your Appointment product with WhatsApp, SMS messaging (where applicable*) and a wide range of popular email platforms. We are dedicated to keeping you, your colleagues and you customers connected along all of the channels you already use.

Different products, infinite possibilities

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