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Reservation can handle reservations, confirmations and table assignments, all without direct employee oversight or intervention.

reservation pic
reservation pic

You need an automated reservation system that your customers can reach out to from their favourite communications platforms. You need See-U’s RSVP!

See-U’s new Reservation product collates reservation requests across all of your customers’ favourite communication platforms in one place, letting you see current and predicted usage numbers instantly all in one place. Better still, it can fully automate your table or other resource reservation process, assigning locations and time slots and letting your staff know about it instantly.

Cancellations, no-shows and late arrivals can flummox many automated reservations systems, but not this one.

Reservation can easily handle cancellations, no-shows, late arrivals and just about anything else your customers can throw at it. It ensures that you get your guests to the right tables as soon as they are ready. This little wonder can even follow up on missed or cancelled reservations with an invitation to reschedule their visit. That is the kind of user experience that keeps people coming back!

reservation pic
reservation pic

Let your staff get back to serving your customer and doing what they do best. See-U’s new Reservation takes care of everything.

Reservation has the power to optimise your table, room or other resource reservation system intelligently. This doesn’t just free up your staff for other duties, it has the potential to make your entire operation more efficient.
It also has tremendous potential for synergy with our RSVP and Waiting List products by encouraging your guests to send their friends an invitation to a reservation. The combination allows you to manage both walk-in customers and those who book in advance on the same platform – and with the same efficiency.

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