One platform, but with bespoke solutions for every type of business

We offer specific, optimised business solutions which are designed to make life easier for clients in a wide range of industries and markets, and to capture vital customer data from them more efficiently.

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Our corporate customers love the way our products integrate seamlessly into their existing CRM and marketing solutions. Not only does this increase productivity, it minimises the amount of training they require to implement.

They tell us they’ve come to rely on our Know Your Customer product to complete new customer onboarding and to ensure regulatory compliance, for example. Many corporate customers turn to our Expression of Interest product to gain vital insights nto their markets and to drum up excitement for their upcoming offerings.

And of course, nearly all of our customers RSVP product to arrange and manage events, our Appointment product to schedule job interviews, etc...

Food & Beverages

Our customers in the food service and related hospitality sectors need the ability to serve a great many customers quickly, and to provide the kind of experience that keeps them coming back.

We recommend most highly our Reservation product to our restaurant and bar clients. These let small pop-up operations provide the levels of service their customers demand, and make larger operations substantially more efficient.

Likewise, our Waiting List product really stands out in the food and beverage service industry. It can ensure that your customers won’t have to wait in a huge queue, and lets them engage with you in a positive way even after they have been served.

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Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s surgeries and almost every other healthcare service relies on an efficient and easy to use appointment system to keep them operating smoothly. In the same way, though, they are businesses and rely as much as any other on providing positive patient experiences and excellent service.

SEE-U offers plenty of products which can help our customers in the healthcare field do exactly that. Our Appointment, Waiting List and other features not only make it easier for your patients to use your services, they make it easier for your staff to handle administrative tasks by integrating with your existing systems.


SEE-U clients in the education industry and adjacent fields tell us that our RSVP and Appointment systems are genuine lifesavers for them. They know all about the headaches of scheduling the use of limited resources, and about the necessity of keeping detailed records about every student interaction.

For example, our Appointment system make attending parent’s evenings a snap for educators by making sure that the appropriate parts of a student’s file are never more than a few clicks away.

In a similar manner, RSVP by SEE-U can make after-school activities much simpler to administer by automating the invitation process and following up on anyone who doesn’t reply – lightyears ahead of pinning a note to a child’s coat!

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One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce retailers is really differentiating their brand from all of the other suppliers of similar goods out there. In the days of Google and instant comparison sites, it can be even harder to get customers to notice anything more than a price and a returns policy.

That’s where customer relationship management products like ours really shine. Once you’ve made a sale, an amazing customer experience can win you a regular customer.

With products like Referrals and even RSVP to back you up, you can give your customers the engagement they need to make you their first choice when shopping online.


Our clients operating in entertainment, hospitality and related industries tell us that they are over the moon with our RSVP and Waiting List products – not to mention CRM classics like our Referrals product.

These make the process of ensuring that you have paying customers in as many seats as possible, they turn everyday events like missing or cancelling a reservation into opportunities to connect with your audience and ‘save’ important sales.

Products like Waiting List even improve the reception your audience gives your performances and other offerings, but engaging with them in a positive manner before the show begins.

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