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Expression of Interest lets you manage the entirety of your next Survey project with just a few clicks.

eoi pic
eoi pic

A great Survey workflow is an incredibly powerful tool for your success.

Both your development and marketing functions need to be ever more responsive to the needs of your market if you are to continue to thrive in this economy. Expression of Interest by See-U can turn mere market data into valuable, actionable insights that can help you greenlight the right projects, and then deliver them in a way that delivers a maximum ROI.
One of the most powerful features Expression of Interest boasts is its ability to contact your customers and clients on the platforms they prefer to use, whether that be email, SMS messaging* or apps like WhatsApp.

Expression of Interest can make your next Survey campaign a breeze!

Expression of Interest by See-U lets you manage the entirety of your next Survey project with just a few clicks. What once took several days can be accomplished in a few minutes while our automated system sends out Survey documents bespoke to your clients and campaigns, then manages and reports on their responses.
You’ll even receive a customised report at the end, providing both an executive-level summary and as much detail as you need to plan your next moves.

eoi pic
eoi pic

Expression of Interest can even remind your customers to respond–gently and politely.

Making sure you actually get a response from key stakeholders and major customers can take as much or more time than the rest of an Survey campaign combined. Now, even that part can be automated. Expression of Interest can monitor which recipients fail to respond, and send gentle reminders to them at appropriate intervals.
Again, all aspects of the program can be customised or overridden by you at any time.

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