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Referrals points out your most loyal and engaged customers, and lets you reward them.

referral pic
referral pic

Meet the future head-on with See-U’s new customer referral and loyalty program, Referrals.

See-U’s Referrals product gives your best customers the rewarding interactions they need, and gives your more occasional customers the taste of recognition they need to become loyal. The fact that the whole process generates brand new leads for your sales department is icing on the cake.
However, it doesn’t stop there. Referrals automatically measures customer satisfaction and provides real, data-driven insight into your customer base without expensive ‘big data analytics’ products.

Don’t let your customer’s influence go untapped!

Any good loyalty program can leverage your customers’ social influence by rewarding them for referring friends, family and co-workers to you. Only a great one – like Referrals – gives those customers the recognition they need to become more than just loyal regulars. Referrals builds true brand ambassadors!

referral pic
referral pic

Best of all, Referrals is almost completely automated. Its practically a referrals team in a box.

With Referrals, you can set up an automated referral and reward programme in an afternoon, and start seeing results as soon as the next day! It has never been easier or more profitable to improving customer engagement and bring in new business.

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